Saturday, June 24, 2017

Rituxan Flu

The side effects from the infusions are worse this time.

Or maybe they're not actually worse, they're just worse relative to how I'm feeling the rest of the time.

Last time, I felt really lousy the day after my infusion, maybe the day after that as well.  But then it was done.  Of course, I was super tired and unable to do much of anything anyway.  So going from Rituxan-super-extra-tired to just every day extra tired counted as a full recovery.

Now I have to go from Rituxan-super-extra-tired to pretty much able to do anything as long as I'm careful to no totally overdo it (as a side note, I'm totally over doing it every Monday at work doing a really awesome program that takes a lot of spoons).

I was really hoping that I could get through this fast and easy.  I figured, I could  get the infusion on Wednesday, feel terrible Thursday, and maybe Friday, and go back to work on Saturday.

So far it's been more like: Infusion Wednesday, dead tired Thursday, tired, nauseous, and headachey Friday and Saturday.  Fine Sunday.

It's annoying because I'm missing more work than I wanted to.  And I can't even really get anything done when I'm stuck at home.

But what can you do?

It sucks right now, but it's just temporary.  I'll feel better when it's done.  It's just frustrating.  That's all.

I'm going to head to bed now and sleep off the headache and fatigue from this week's treatment.  Two down, two to go.

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