Thursday, August 11, 2016

I can breathe!

Ok having the plastic bits out of my nose is amazing.

I can actually breathe. Through my nose. Easily. 

I feel like the inside of my nose is huge now; so much air can get through. It's really an incredible feeling. 

I keep expecting to not be able to take a breath through my nose, but then I can and it's weird and wonderful. 

It reminds me of the time I drove an ex boyfriend home after he had laser eye surgery. He kept saying things like "the trees have leaves! Obviously I knew they have leaves, but now I can actually see them!" And he was so excited and I was just like "um, yeah, that's pretty normal for those of us with eyes that work." I'm goin. Through that same thing but with my nose. 

And the plastic bits, by the way, were kind of huge. Picture a standard guitar pick. Now take the fat end and extend it about 1/2 inch. That's pretty much the shape of them. The plastic bits were probably thinner than a guitar pick, but still way bigger than you would expect to fit in a person's nose. 

But the point is, I can BREATHE!

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