Thursday, August 11, 2016


Ok, so it's taken me a while to post about my surgery.  Two weeks. And then some.

Before surgery.  I thought it would be good to have a
pre-op picture for reference.
I think the reason I haven't posted is that I don't really have much to say about it.  I went over the procedures in ....  wait.... maybe I didn't go over everything all in one post.  Well.  I guess I'll do that now.

So, two ENTs and an Ophthamologist walk into a bar  an operating room.

The first ENT (Throat Doc) went and mucked about with my throat.  He used a laser to cut the scar tissue bridge that was going across part of my throat, and then cut into the band of scar tissue around the side of my throat.  Then he stuck a balloon down my throat, inflated it, and that was that. There are pictures if you click on the links.  I was really excited to have pictures, but not everybody likes to look at medical imagery.  Anyway, once Throat Doctor was done with all that, there was space in my throat to intubate so the other surgeons could surgerize.

The second ENT (Nose Doc) then roto-rooted my sinuses.  He went in and cut a band or two of scar tissue that was going from septum to turbinate (What's a turbinate? click to find out).  He also did a little digging around my sinuses - just under my eyes they were narrowed to about 1 mm.  The hope is that when the swelling is done, that opening will be around 3 mm.  He then sewed bits of plastic (or maybe they're sillocone) to my septum.  The purpose of those is to stop another band from connecting turbinate to septum.  Those are getting cut out later today - more on that later.

Finally, the ophthamologist took her turn. I pretty much went over her part in my eye post from a while back. Basically, she poked a hole in the side of my nose to create a new drainage path for my tears.  She also put stents in my eye, you can kind of see them even - I tried to take a picture but it didn't work, but if you see me in person, I'll be happy to point them out if you want.

So all that took about 4 hours.  I was feeling pretty good when I woke up.  I spent very little time in the recovery room before they moved me into the post-op room.  At that point, they finally let me eat (pudding) and drink (water... it was really good water... I was very thirsty).  Here's a picture of me there:
Immediately post-op.  There hadn't been enough time for things to start swelling.
Then it was time to go home.  I spent the next couple days kind of out of it and in pain.  Not a lot of pain though, really. My nose hurt more than anything else.  My throat was a little sore the day after, but then was fine.  I could already tell a difference in how much air I was able to get through my throat - very exciting.

My nose and eye got a little poofy.  I spent a lot of time with ice on my face.  I watched The Last Ship, Stranger Things, and a lot of Gilmore Girls.

Day after
Two days after. Eye was super swollen. Also, for some
reason my phone (with which I took all pictures) flipped
this one so it's all mirror-imagey.

By Sunday, the swelling had mostly gone down.  There was a little discoloration around my eye, as you can see in the picture if you look carefully, but that's it.  I fully expected to have a nice shiner, but all I got was some swelling and a yellowish tinge.  Good for me!
Sunday after (so 5 days)
I went back to work for half a day last Tuesday - a day sooner than my planned best-case.  Granted, I didn't work my full schedule last week, but neither would you if you had recently been punched in the face with a scalpel.  This week I've been pretty much back to business as usual.  I am taking it a little easy - and I'm still not supposed to lift anything heavier than 10 lbs.

Last Friday I had a follow up appointment with Eye Doctor.  She says the incision is looking really good and she thinks it will likely disappear as long as I make an effort to keep it from getting sun-bleached.  That means sunscreen, sunglasses, and fabulously large straw hats.  You have never seen such a glamorous recovery process.

As for everything concerning my eye that is not a scar - it all looks good.  I still have excellent vision, the pressure in my eye is good (having that tested in a weird experience btw), the eye tubes are positioned well.  My eye is actually a little dry, so I have eye drops for that.  I do still have a little bit of tearing, but that will probably go away when they take the stents out in 3 months.  It makes sense that having little tubes in my tear ducts is blocking some of the tears.  Also, the tearing is 300 times better than it was before the surgery, so I declare this one a success!

As I mentioned earlier, I am getting the stents cut out of my nose today.  I'm not really looking forward to the actual taking out part, but I'm definitely ready to get rid of the things.  I'm also glad to have a chance to check in with my doctor.  As of right now, I don't really feel like I'm any less congested than before.  I guess there's probably still some swelling going on in my nose, and the junk attached to my septum is maybe getting in the way of some normal nose clearing stuff.  I'd like to get a clear timeline of when I should expect to notice a difference, if I am going to notice a difference.

Now, 2 weeks post op.  In some lights the incision scar is barely
noticeable at all.
Also, the last couple days I've had a bit of a cough, and have even lost my voice a little.  Even though this is Nose Doctor I'm seeing, he is an ENT and the T is for throat.  Plus the cough could be just as much related to post-nasal drainage or something as it is to throat issues.  And I like Nose Doctor a lot more than Throat Doctor.

So, I guess that's about it.  The healing process is, well, proceeding.  It's all going about how I expected.  For the most part I'm feeling pretty good about it all.

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