Wednesday, August 31, 2016


Yesterday morning, right before I left for work, I blew my nose and the stent came out of my eye.

I felt a slight tug on my eyelid.  When I looked at the Kleenex (that is something I do because the color of the stuff that comes out of my nose tells me how healthy my nose is) I saw a few inches of silicon tubing.

It was supposed to stay in my eye for another 7 weeks.

So I called Eye Doctor, left a message, got a call back from her office saying “yeah, you definitely need to come in today.”

So I had a surprise appointment with my eye doctor yesterday. 

Everything’s ok. Mostly.

She did the needle-in-the-eye thing again to make sure that stuff could drain out of the new drainage opening – the one she created when she sliced up my face.  Some puss came out at first, but then it started draining really well.

Obviously, it would have been better if the stent had stayed in, and having it come out prematurely decreases the chances of the surgery failing.  I skimmed a couple medical articles on the subject though and according to those, premature stent removal decreased the success rate of the surgery from 93% to 90%, so it’s not really a big deal, probably.

Eye Doctor prescribed some anti-biotic/steroid eye drops which should help keep the new hole in my tear duct from scarring shut.  That was the stent’s job.  But now the stent is gone.

So that was fun.

The silver lining of that is that with the tube out of my eye, I am not tearing very much at all.  Today I’m even wearing eye shadow and it hasn’t washed away yet!

Also, she thinks the scar on my face is healing really well.  She was very happy about that.  

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