Saturday, September 19, 2015

Once More unto the Breach

It was Throat Doctor who ordered the determinative blood test, so it was he who called me to talk about the results. He thought it important that I start treatment. He's not wrong. 

Because he won't be the primary doctor dealing with this, and because he, apparently, can't prescribe things like Cytoxan and Rituximab, I still need to see my rheumatologist very soon. 

But Throat Doctor can prescribe prednisone. So I'm back on prednisone.

Prednasone is the Joker to my Batman, the Lex Luthor to my Superman, the Magneto to my Professor, the Master to my Doctor. 

Ok, that's not really accurate because prednisone is not actively trying to destroy me. It's not actively trying to do anything as it is an inanimate cortico-steroid. And I have to take it to prevent my destruction. Fine. prednisone is not a super villain at all. 

But the side effects. Dude. They are not fun. 

Right now it's making it very difficult to sleep. It's also making me very hungry, which is very bad because it also kills metabolism and muscle mass. I am going to have to actively fight against the side effects because last time, I gained 50lbs on prednisone, and I can't afford that kind of weight gain - I'm already about 30lbs heavier than I am comfortable with. It also leaches calcium from bones and can cause diabetes. Not to mention brain fog and mood swings. 

My plan is to follow a very strict diet and hopefully start excercisinf more. I'm hoping the prednisone will reduce the junk in my nose and throat (possibly my lungs, it's unclear if I have new junk in my lungs or just old scars) enough that I can actually breathe well enough to exercise. Of course these are all grand plans, much easier said than done.  Especially since what I really want to do is stress eat all the junk food. 

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