Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Hi Ho Hi Ho

It's back to work I go... went.

Yesterday was my first day back to work after two months of being home sick.  This is a pretty major step.  It's also a whole new environment to navigate because while I am feeling well enough that I don't have to stay at home all day, I am still unwell enough that I can't really throw myself in to super-librarian-do-all-the-things mode.

The nice thing is that I am not actually a full time librarian - I am supposed to work 30 hours a week, which is kind of a perfect amount to work weather or not I am sick.  Before I left, I was working three 8 hour days and one 6, with an extra day off, which is really nice because there's a lot a person can get done with a day off in the middle of the week. For now, I'm not even going to try to work a full 8 hours.  So I'm shooting for five 6 hour days.

So far it's gone... about how I expected it to.  By the end of my six hours yesterday I was completely exhausted. I didn't sleep very well Sunday night though, and I'm sure that didn't help things at all.  Today I am still very very tired after working, but it's a little better.  I had better sleep last night (probably because I was exhausted) and I came in to work a little later, which was very nice because it took me a long time to get going this morning.

The last hour at work today I was pretty much useless.  I think I lost my train of thought and stared at the wall behind my computer for about 10 minutes at one point.  The good news is that we're about to start the slower season in library land.  We don't have as many programs in December, and book ordering is finished for the year, so I am really able to take my time easing back in to things.  And I have the best boss in the whole world who is letting me be super flexible with my schedule and with what I need to get done at work.

It can only get better from here too (hopefully).  One really nice thing about this change is that it really gives me more tangible way of assessing how I am feeling.  Like when I get through 6 hours and can go home and still do things there, that will be a real, almost measurable, sign of improved health.

One major problem though, my sweet kitty is very sad that I am not home all day to play with her anymore.  You should hear the sad kitty noises I got when I walked in the door yesterday.  Sweet Jinx has a very sad life full of disappointment.  My other kitty, Yeti, hates me a little and is probably thrilled to have the house to herself now.

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