Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Live from the Infusion Center: the last!

I'm about to head out to the infusion center for my last treatment! I will be updating this post as things happen. Or, since not a lot really happens while I'm there, as I think of things to say. Stay tuned, or whatever the Internet equivalent is.

9:10 - initial blood pressure: 121/76 - for whatever reason the first one is always a little higher. Waiting for the nurse to come in to start the line and give me my tylonal, benedryl, and steroids. 

9:30 - I'm all hooked up. The pharmacy was super fast getting my bag ready so I hardly had to wait at all. So we're going at 100 ml/hr right now. My fancy bandage thing is orange. Bright freaking orange.

10:45 - Something happened!  I had updates and they just vanished.  Strange.  They weren't very exciting, I guess, but I did them.  There was one at 10:00 and at 10:30 when my rituxan drip ramped up. I also had an update about the blood pressure machines.  So, I have been live blogging more lively than it looks.

Anyway, my blood pressure is now 117/66.  There are two kinds of BP machines here - one blue and one white.  I like the blue ones better because they make a happy little beeping noise when you turn them on.  I have a white one in my room today so no happy beeping noise for me.  Apparently, the blue ones are actually old and are starting to get worn out.  They aren't made any more so there aren't parts to fix them, so they are slowly going to disappear and be replaced by white ones.  Soon there will be no happy beeping noise for anyone.  Sad day.

10:50 - BTW, I'm getting infused at a rate of 300 ml/hr right now.  It'll go up in about 10 minutes.

11:00 - I told you it would go up in about 10 minutes.  400 ml/hr.  I have a little over 400 ml left in the bag.

11:10 - I have a roommate now.  Apparently there's a room down the hall with a whole bunch of people in it - visitors for the person getting stuff.  Roommate was commenting on how strange that is as she came it and we chatted about it a bit.  I like having my incredibly attractive fiancĂ© Matt with me, but I wouldn't want more than that.  Sitting through the infusion is kind of a waste of time for visitors.  I mean, there's not really a lot to do here.  Matt is working on homework and fetching things for me when I need stuff.  Not only that, if you have a bunch of people crammed in your room, they're bound to get in the way.  The center is not set up for large crowds.

11:17 - Roommate is getting her stuff in a bottle.  A glass bottle. I wonder if the pharmacy ran out of bags?  Glass seems like it must be much harder to use - for one thing, there are lots of bubbles at the top, for another, when it gets down to the end, I think it must be hard to get those last drops out.  I will not find out though because I'll be gone before she finishes.

11:25 - BP is 110/7 - I have about 200 ml left.  

11:48 - I just want to take a second to say that the nurses here are pretty great. They've all been very friendly and nice. They're very helpful too and happy to bring things (like blankets or drinks or snacks) if I ask for them. These are good people. 

11:55 - I'm gonna nap time now. I bet we soon and I start to snooze they're going to bring by sandwiches. But we're not going to eat hospital lunch, we're going to get something after. 

12:04 - just kidding. I'm not going to nap. I'm going to read and knit. I'm almost done anyway. See: 

12:15 - all done! Final bp is 117/56. Now there's not much to do but start feeling better, right?

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