Monday, November 2, 2015

Miscellany with Pictures.

Today I decided to push myself to see if the limits of what I can get done have changed.  Actually, it would be more accurate to say that I wanted to see what my limits actually are right now.  I haven't really been keeping track of how much I can do lately because it's a very subjective, not very quantifiable thing.

Anyway, today I pushed myself and got some things done.  I ran out of energy around 2:00 and then did one more thing.  I spent the last three hours staring at the wall because I'm so exhausted.

I am going to go to bed in a minute, I promise.  I've made myself some tea, and I'm actually in bed as I'm writing this.   I really wanted to update this blog thing today though.  There are full comprehensive posts that I plan to get to, but today I am too tired to string multiple cohesive paragraphs together.  Instead, I give you a bulleted list of random updates and thoughts:

  • You might be wondering what I did today that was so exhausting.  Well, I'll tell you.  When I woke up I did about 10 minutes of really easy yoga.  I've decided to start moving more.  After breakfast, I drove out to the library where I have been not working for the last month and a half.  It was nice to get out there and talk to co-workers.  It took a lot of spoons, but I've very glad I managed it.  I missed my boss though, which was too bad.  After I left, I got some lunch and then went grocery shopping.  Grocery shopping is way harder than any of you think it is.  I probably should have stopped doing things after that - I struggled to get up the stairs to our second-story condo from the garage with the groceries.  I put the groceries away, and took a nap.  Then I made curried butternut squash soup with all sorts of veggies and chicken.  That was it for me.  I hope I didn't do so much that I'll be completely useless tomorrow.
  • As of right now, I am only $50 away from reaching my GoFundMe goal.  I know some amazing people who are super generous and fantastic and many other positive adjectives as well.  A handful have even given twice, which is just... words expressing very large good
  • My vocabulary is suffering from tired.

  • I promised you a post about my weird throat a while ago.  I had great ambitions of doing a white-board story video with a voice over.  I filmed the white-board part, but have yet to edit it or do the voice over.  I do still want to do the post, but I think maybe I'll just write about my throat and include pictures (pictures make it easier).  Maybe screen shots from the video, maybe new pictures.  We'll see.

  • Speaking of pictures, here are two:
This is my face when I very first started taking prednisone.  I had some vague notion of taking a selfie every day and documenting the changes my face went through because I knew there would be changes.   Prednisone just does that.  Common side effects include weight gain and moon-face.  Last time I was on tons of prednisone, I gained lots of weight and have very moon face.  This time I've gained about 15 lbs, which isn't too bad.  I did not take a selfie every day to document the change. But...

This is what my face looks like now.  It's gone a bit round, but not super moony.  And I have grown a second chin. I'm not very happy about it.  I'm down to a pretty low prednisone dose now though and I've decided to do something about it - the second chin and round face and extra 15 lbs.  Like I said earlier, I'm determined to start moving more.

  • After looking at that picture just now, I have decided that I definitely need to do something with my hair.  Maybe something bright and colorful.  That's one way to inject vitality in to my life.
  • Tumblr.  I actually created a secondary tumblr blog just for being sick stuff.   It's mostly to reblog spoonie stuff without overwhelming people who follow my main tumblr.  Also, I thought it would be a good way to get my story out to other spoonies.  
  • Something I'm doing on my just-for-being-sick tumble is that thing that people do where they post one thing their grateful for every day in November.  I'm doing that.  It's good for brain times.
  • Ok, I think I'm too tired to write any more.  Words are starting to get the better of me.  It might be really funny to see what comes out of my fingers at this point, but I would like to keep my reputation as a mostly articulate, educated person.
Good night internet!  I might try to post tomorrow.  If not, I will be doing another live blog on Wednesday for my infusion.

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