Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Live! From the Infusion Center the Third

Well, I'm back here with a tube in my arm.  I got in pretty quickly today, which was nice.  I'm in a different room than the last two times and this one has a much smaller window.  I also didn't get a choice of a bed or chair, so I'm in a chair.  It doesn't really matter; the chairs are fine, but I did decide last week that I like the beds better.  Oh well.

I'm a little tired and grumpy today.  I was going to stop and get a delicious coffee drink, but I ran out of time, so no coffee for me.  I think I just woke up with fewer spoons than usual too.  That's a bad sign because these infusions tend to wipe me out anyway.  Oh well.  I don't have anything else to do today.

That's not true, exactly, I have plenty of things I want to get done.  We'll see if I actually get to them.  
Anyway, I'll update again as things get going. You know how this works by now: I'll update this post until I stop. Check in occasionally or refresh or whatever.

9:45 - I'm all hooked up and running.  Today I get a purple bandage thing

10:00 - There's a guy in here today who has come in every week for the last 8 years for an infusion of something that stops his lungs from collapsing.  He's so old-hat at this that he can pretty much do the whole thing himself.  I just watched him take down his bag, squeeze out the last of the medicine, dispose of everything, and flush his line.  He did everything but take the IV out of his arm.  It was kind of fascinating to watch.  All the nurses here know him (because he's here every week) and joke around with him.  

10:11 - Apparently most of the nurses here do three 12 hour shifts every week.  That seems like a really long day, but I bet it's nice to have 5 days off.  My drip just increased to 200 ml/hr.

10:31 - Matt is going to bring me coffee! Hooray.  I think I'll try to sleep a little until he gets here.

10:45 - just ramped up to 300 ml/hr

11:00 - I have coffee!!!

11:15 - 400 ml/hr and there's only 400 ml left in the bag.  I'll be done in an hour.  I like this kind of math, it's easy!

11:30 - Yesterday it was super windy and our power flickered out for a second sometime around 10 in the morning.  For some reason, that knocked out or internet for the entire day.  When I left the house this morning, it was still out.  While I was stuck with only my data plan on my phone (hashtag first world problems), my GoFundMe goal.  That's super exciting. Yay me!  If anyone reading this is thinking "oh, well, I was going to give her money, but now I don't think I will,"  please do whatever you want.  I can still definitely use donations though.  I set my goal amount thinking I would only be missing one month of work.  I also set it higher than just one month's salary because I didn't know if I would be able to go back to work after that first month and being sick is pretty expensive.  As you all know, I haven't been able to go back to work.  Anyway, my point is, I'm so grateful to not have to worry about money and paying bills/mortgage while I'm worrying about being sick.  And there's still plenty of financial things to worry about.  So if you really want to donate to my cause, you can and I will super appreciate it.  Or, if you want to help someone who hasn't met their goal already, my friend Stephanie has her own campaign to cover some pretty gigantic medical bills.

11:40 - my blood pressure is 112/62

12:00 - lunch time 

12:15 - I have about 50 ml left. I'll be out if here in no time. 

12:24 - Final bp 113/64. Last drops are going in now and then I'm heading home for nap time. 

12:45 - all done and at home. It all went well. I'm hoping at this point to start feeling better. It's possible I am already feeling better - yesterday was a really good day. Anyway, that's it for my third infusion. One more to go and I'm done. Woo hoo!

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