Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Minor Setback

I'm not going to work today. 

I am far too tired. But tired is too simple a word for how I feel. Here is a breakdown:

I am lightheaded

My limbs weigh 300 lbs

My sinuses are full of stabbing

My brain is .... So you know the difference between running in waist deep water and running on dry Land? That's how my brain is working; it's the one in the water. My processing power is like Windows 95. 

My eyes are resisting focusing on anything for very long 

I have a headache that may or may not be different from the stabbing in my sinuses. 

I think that's all. So I'm taking today off. Hopefully I will recover enough to work tomorrow and Friday. Now, I think it may be time for my third nap of the day. 

Oh. Wait. My nose just started bleeding. That's fun. 

Today sucks. 

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