Saturday, October 10, 2015

About the Title

It has come to my attention that the title of my little sick blog (the one you are reading right now) doesn't actually make sense to everyone.  I can't sleep, again, and rather than write about me being tired and not being able to sleep, I thought I'd change things up and explain.

Basically, it's a Fight Club reference.

It might be a somewhat obscure Fight Club reference at that.  Sure, everyone knows the first two rules of fight club, but my title refers to a bit that is maybe 20 seconds in the movie.

It's a few pages in the book - but, and I just checked, in the book, it's Joe, not Jack.

Anyway, there's a bit in Fight Club after the narrator has moved in with Tyler Durden where he finds all these old Reader's Digest in the basement and there's a series of stories in said digests where organs in the human body talk about themselves in the first person: I am Jane's Uterus, I am Jack's raging bile duct.

That's where the title comes from.  Actually, it might be a bit of a misnomer anyway.  My immune system is messed up, but calling it "faulty" makes it sound like it doesn't work at all.  Really, it works too well.  That's the fun of an auto-immune disease. My immune system has gone crazy and started attacking the good guys.  My immune system is the group of crazy mercenaries you encounter during the zombie apocalypse that let you know that the real monsters are not the zombies, they are other people.  Faulty just seemed like the most concise way to say "not working quite the way it's supposed to."

Anyway, there was a period of time when my friend Arrakis and I would watch Fight Club whenever we ran out of things to do.  We probably watched it once every week.  It's a great movie, what can I say?  We even watched it in French once just so we could learn how to say "I am Jack's raging bile duct" in French (Je suis la bile rage du Jaques).  So there is probably no reference to that movie that I would not get.

Still, the book came out in 1996 and the movie in 1999 - so maybe I'm super showing my age with the reference.  But, dudes, it's a great movie.  In fact, I might watch it tomorrow.  Hell, maybe I'll do a whole Brad Pitt is kind of crazy movie marathon, because those movies are great (Fight Club, 12 Monkeys, maybe Snatch). 

Incidentally, the first time I watched Fight Club was when I was sick in the hospital the first time around.  There, now I've made it relevant to the topic of this blog.


  1. I am coming over on tuesday, and those are good movies to talk through since we have seen them a million times.

  2. I won't watch them until Tuesday then. It will be fun!