Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Live from the Infusion Center the 2nd

Here I am again. Getting my second dose of GPA killing stuff. Like last time, I'll just update this post periodically, so check in once in a while or hit refresh or whatever. This time I don't have my extremely handsome Matt with me, so maybe I'll post more. Or maybe I'll sleep and post less. You'll just have to wait and see. And, by the way, Matt isn't here because he has an interview this morning, so send us both good vibes. He's bringing me a post-interview treat later. He's very nice and incredibly handsome. 

9:05 - initial blood pressure is 137/70; a little higher than last time, but I'll fix it. I enjoy using my mental super powers to lower my bp. 

9:32 - I have the thing in my arm. Not hooked up yet, but the prep stuff is done. My nurse and I talked about shoes while she shot me up with a steroid. 

9:38 - I'm all hooked up and going. 
We get to do a fast ramp today! Last week we started at 50 ml/hr and bumped it up by 50 every half hour or so. This time we're starting at 100 and jumping by 100. I'll be out of here in no time. And by no time, I mean a few hours. 

10:07 - bp 119/68 - I told you I'd lower it.  Also, we're up to 200 ml/hr. Speeding right along here.  

10:45 - my incredibly handsome Matt is here with delicious coffee drinks! We're at 300 ml/hr now and the bag is halfway done. The room I'm in today is full. Last week I pretty much had the place to myself. I was going to sleep, but with all these people and the nurses coming in an out, it wasn't going to happen. 

11:00 - bp 113/73 - my incredibly handsome Matt stole a sip of my coffee while my blood pressure was being taken. How rude. Good thing he's incredibly handsome and easy to forgive.

11:10 - we just ramped up to 400 ml/hr and there are 400 ml left in my bag. I'll be out of here in about an hour. That's nice. Then I can get lunch and go home and take a nap. I like this fast paced medicine thing. I mean, the infusion center is a fine place, but not nearly as nice as home. 

11:20 - I sent my incredibly handsome Matt away. He's going to stop at the Rheumatologist's office and pick up my FMLA paperwork. I dropped the paperwork off on Monday and they said it would get done that same day. Right. Today is the last day my doctor is in that office. For the next couple days it will be even more difficult to track him down. Plus, I need to update my FMLA stuff so that I can, you know, keep my job. The point is, it's important to get that stuff, and it's really nice that my incredibly handsome Matt is willing to go get it for me. He's really great. I should write a post just for him. 

11:32 - I just finished my book. In probably have about half an hour left of infusion.

11:45 - for some reason tumblr will not update while I'm here. I guess it's a weird thing with the wifi? It's too bad though because tumblr would be a good place to go for entertaintment for the next half hour. Or 15 minutes. 150 ml. 

12:09 - I just wrote a whole paragraph about sleeping and chairs vs. beds here. It crashed the blogger app when I tried to publish it and I lost the whole post.

12:17 - final bp 116/78 - the last few drops are going in as I type this. 

12:22 - out the door

12:39 - no one said I had to stop updating just because I'm done. I'm going to re-create my chairs vs. bed post when I get home. I'm sure you'll all find it fascinating. Now I'm picking up some lunch. There's a Noodles and co. across  the street from the hospital. I get a rice crispy treat because treats go with medicines. 

12:46 - here's a picture of my lunch. And my bandage. It's black today. Arrakis, you can vote on what color would have been better. 

2:03 - this will be my last update for the day. So about chairs. What I said in the update that was deleted was basically this:

I dozed a little but it's hard to sleep with people coming and going and making all sorts of people noises. Also I chose a recliner chair today instead of a bed. I thinkin like the beds better and will probably go with that from now on. Other people seem to prefer the chairs though. The center actually ran out of chairs today and there was a guy in my room who was suck with a bed until someone in a chair left. So really, by choosing s bed from now on I will be helping other people out as well. 

There. Wasn't that totally worth the wait? Now I'm going to send in my FLMA paperwork and then take a nap. Infusions make me tired. 

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